Plastic Pollution in our Ocean – Tackling a Mammoth Task

This lecture series has been organised to coincide with the exhibition 'Ocean Plastic Lab' which will be visiting Brussels at the time. The series of lectures will be delivered in English, Dutch and French, and members of the public are invited to attend, to enhance their knowledge on this increasingly urgent topic. The lectures will be provided by the German Marine Research Consortium, JPI Oceans, CSA Oceans 2 and the Royal Belgian Institute for Natural Sciences.

Fishackathon Event

Fishackathon is a worldwide hackathon event organised by UCA in Spain. The aim of the hackathon is to make Earth's waters, aquaculture, and fisheries more sustainable & equitable. Individuals can purchase tickets for €7, and can also donate sponsorship to the event. 

The event will thematically revolve around three core challenge sets: Sustainability, Enforcement and Marketplace. Many prizes are available for participants to win. These range from mentorship from potential investors to useful prizes from AWS. Teams can consist of a maximum of five individuals.

March for Science taking Place across Europe

The March for Science will take place on 22 April 2017. Marches have been organised in over 400 locations across the globe. The march comes amidst the recent trend of science, scientists and evidence-based policymaking coming under attack. With budget cuts, many severe, being inflicted upon several scientific networks, the marches have been designed as a protest to support the ongoing role science, across all disciplines, should continue to play a central role in public life and policymaking.

Launch of the Blue Growth Community in the Mediterranean

The event organized within the InnoBlueGrowth Horizontal project, funded under the INTERREG Med Programme, will take place in the beautiful context of Villa Celimontana in Rome, on 6 and 7  April.

The aim of the InnoBlueGrowth project, is to ensure the communication and capitalization of projects results, addressing Blue Growth issues as Blue energy,  Maritime surveillance, Yachting.