AQUACOSM call for Transnational Access

AQUACOSM (EU network of mesocosms facilities for research on marine and freshwater ecosystems open for global collaboration) have opened their 2021 Transnational Access call offering to scientists and related industry, from all over the world, access to mesocosm facilities (both marine and freshwater). Research groups, experts and university students could apply to participate in AQUACOSM mesocosm experiments, or propose their own. 

ASSEMBLE Plus Third Call for Access to Marine Biological Research Stations Now Open

ASSEMBLE Plus is a European Union-funded consortium of more than 30 marine biological stations and research institutes in 16 countries.  Within the Transnational Access programme, (TA) ASSEMBLE Plus marine stations provide scientists and PhD students with free-of-charge access to their biological resources, facilities, services, and data.

The third call for applications is now open, and will close on 17 February 2019. 

For more information, including how to apply, please download the call flyer below.

Open Call for Transnational Access to European Aquatic Mesocosm Facilities in 2019

The EU Research Infrastructure project AQUACOSM ( has opened the Call for Transnational Access to fund participation or leadership of mesocosm experiments in 2019. The call opens access to more than 37 aquatic mesocosm facilities, located at 19 AQUACOSM partners throughout Europe. In total AQUACOSM will offer more than 11500 person-days of Transnational Access (TA) between Jan 2018 and Dec 2020.

EMSO ERIC Call for Transnational Access

EMSO ERIC have opened a Transnational Access Call for Access for European marine enterprise or research organisations interested in open ocean facilities. The call offers free access to three EMSO ERIC facilities where external measuring systems can be installed, including instruments, systems, new technologies and where new procedures/experiments can be tested/take place.