Call for Transnational Access to European Aquatic Mesocosm Facilities in 2020External

Call Overview

Call Category: Proposals

Email: TA [at]

The EU Research Infrastructure project AQUACOSM has opened their 3rd Call for Transnational Access to fund participation or leadership of mesocosm experiments in 2020. This opportunity provides access to more than 33 aquatic mesocosm facilities, located at 15 AQUACOSM partners throughout Europe. AQUACOSM offers more than 3800 person days of Transnational Access in 2020.

AQUACOSM specifically aims to promote effective international scientific collaboration and technological knowledge transfer across traditional barriers between regions, countries and traditionally separated science disciplines, such a marine and freshwater research. 

The application deadline is 30 October 2019, before13:00 CET. For more information on TA opportunities, planned experiments, open time slots and the application process please click on the links below.