EKLIPSE call for nomination/membersExternal

Call Overview

Call Category: Expertise, Collaboration
Managing Body: European, EKLIPSE
Contact: EKLIPSE Secretariat
Email: secretariat [at] eklipse-mechanism.eu
Opening: July 29, 2016
Closing: September 30, 2016

The following calls are currently open:

  • First EKLIPSE Call for Requests to identify topics or evidence needs relating to biodiversity and ecosystem services requiring in-depth analysis and a consolidated view from science and other knowledge holders (CfR.1/2016). Decision-makers and other societal actors are asked to put forward their requests for knowledge synthesis in EKLIPSE. The closing date for this call is 30 September, 2016.


  • Call for nomination to the EKLIPSE's Knowledge Coordination Body (KCB). The KCB will be a very important part of the EKLIPSE project and mechanism, responsible for organising and accompanying the knowledge synthesis processes within EKLIPSE over the next two years. The KCB will also coordinate other tasks required to set up a self-sustaining mechanism for evidence-based and evidence-informed policy on biodiversity and ecosystem services. The closing date for this call is 30 September 2016.


  • Call for members of the Expert group on Knowledge Synthesis Methods. The task of the Expert Group on Knowledge Synthesis Methods will be to provide and share knowledge about different forms, methods and limitations of knowledge collation, appraisal and synthesis so that robust evidence and knowledge gaps can be identified, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of available knowledge. The successful candidates will take part in a workshop in autumn 2016, and produce a report by January 2016 on strengths and weaknesses of existing approaches and methodologies to jointly provide evidence, identification of potential gaps in existing approaches, and how to address these gaps. The chair of this expert group will be Dr Lynn Dicks (University of East Anglia).The closing date for this call is 10 September 2016.