Pure Ocean Call for Projects 2020External

Innovating for the Ocean

Call Overview

Call Category: Proposals

Email: contact [at] pure-ocean.org
Opening: February 18, 2020
Closing: March 29, 2020

Pure Ocean is an endowment fund created in 2017 in Marseille. Its main mission is to support innovative applied research projects around the world, contributing to the protection of fragile marine ecosystems and biodiversity.

Pure Ocean have announced their 2020 Call for Projects on the following themes:

  • Monitoring changes in:
    • Ocean life (productivity, biodiversity, distribution or ranges of any species)
    • Ocean characteristics (temperature, acidity, currents, chemical cycles)
  • Achieving sustainability of any marine resource exploitation (algae, energy, or pharmaceuticals)
  • Restoring and/or increasing the resilience of fragile marine ecosystems and biodiversity at any scale, with any technique/methodology

To learn more about this call and the selection criteria and eligibility requirements, please visit the Call for Projects 2020 page or view the Call Text in the documents folder below.