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a blue call to action

Call Overview

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EuroMarine is proud to endorse and to have signed on as a network to the RISE UP Blue Call to Action, a joint call from civil society and philanthropic organisations urging governments and businesses to take the bold, fair actions needed to safeguard the ocean!

This initiative recognises that the ocean is in deep crisis and the international response from governments and businesses continues to be far short of what is needed to defend our blue planet's capacity to produce oxygen, sequester carbon and provide food and livelihoods for billions of people. Led by the Oceano Azul Foundation, Ocean Unite and Oak Foundation, RISE UP represents an influential group of ocean conservation organizations and foundations, Indigenous peoples and fisherfolk seeing to agree on common priorities and solutions needed to tackle the ocean crisis and raise the level of ambition for action.

This call to action aims to inspire decision-makers and key stakeholders to recognise this moment as a critical opportunity, and to agree on a course of action that will give our ocean the best chance of recovery.

EuroMarine fully supports this endeavour and encourages those belonging to its member organisations, as well as any others who feel aligned with this call, to read the text of the call to action below, and to follow the link to to add their organisation's name to the commited list of participants.

The call to action will be presented at the next UN Ocean Conference.