This page displays calls relevant to the EuroMarine community, which are of various categories and emanate from various organisation types. The list shown below corresponds either to specific subsets or to a complete list, depending on whether filtering criteria are selected or not.
Call Opening date Closing Date
Belmont Forum, Future Earth and JPI Oceans Call for Transdisciplinary Research for Ocean Sustainability
The Belmont Forum, in collaboration with Future Earth and JPI Oceans has launched the previously pre-announced Collaborative Research Action (CRA) call aimed at at...
Oct 29, 2018 Jan 31, 2019
Call for Training Partners
Call for Training Partners Get involved! Does your research vessel have unused capacity when travelling between ports? OR Are you a Principal Investigator with spare berths on a planned...
Dec 1, 2017 Feb 28, 2018
Fulbright Arctic Initiative Accepting Applications
The Fulbright Arctic Initiative will bring together a network of scholars, professionals and applied researchers from the United States, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Russia and Sweden...
Jul 1, 2017 Oct 16, 2017
Future Earth travel grant for early career professionals
Future Earth will offer a series of grants to early career professionals to support their travel to sustainability events around the world. The grants are open to early career researchers working in...
Jul 1, 2017 Dec 31, 2017
Call for expert nominations for the Author Team for the Atlantic Ocean Observing System Blueprint 2019
Internationally, sustained ocean observation is coordinated through the UNESCO-IOC Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS), which is also a contribution to the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) Blue...
Dec 1, 2016 Jan 6, 2017
Call for bids to host 2019 IMBER Open Science Conference
IMBER (Integrated Marine Biosphere Research) is planning to hold its second Open Science Conference (OSC) in 2019. The five-day OSC will provide a focus for the integration and synthesis of IMBER...
Nov 11, 2016 Apr 1, 2017
Call for nominations of CLIOTOP task teams
IMBER´s regional programme CLIOTOP (Climate Impacts on Top Oceanic Predators) seeks suggestions for new task teams to start in 2017. There is a small amount of seed funding available that can be used...
Nov 11, 2016 Dec 23, 2016
Big Ocean Button Challenge
The XPRIZE Ocean Initiative is dedicated to ensuring our ocean is healthy, valued and understood. The Big Ocean Button Challenge is a $100,000 app development competition to turn ocean data...
Nov 9, 2016 Apr 1, 2017
2017 SCOR Visiting Scholars Program - call now open
The Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research (SCOR) has issued a call for applications for the 2017 SCOR Visiting Scholars Program. The announcement can be found at
Oct 1, 2016 Nov 30, 2016
Public Review of the 2016 GCOS Implementation Plan Open
The draft 2016 GCOS Implementation Plan will be open for public review from 25th July to 5th Septemeber 2016.  Comments should be submitted by email to the secretatiat GCOSReview@...
Jul 25, 2016 Sep 5, 2016