Set of presentations given during EuroMarine 2016 General Assembly meetingInternal

Catherine Boyen (CB; EuroMarine co-Chair with Philippe Cury) welcomed participants and gave an overview of the programme. She then reported on: (a) the 19 activities funded in 2014; and (b) the 2015 call for proposals (commenting the list of the 18 activities retained for funding out of 34).

Isabel Sousa Pinto (ISP; EuroMarine Steering Committee member) then gave a presentation on IPBES, reported on EuroMarine involvement in IPBES activities in 2015 and suggested directions for further involvement and actions.

Two invited presentations followed (to update GA representatives on the evolution of the marine science landscape and inform discussions on EuroMarine niche and possible interactions with other organisations):

Niall McDonough (Executive Secretary of the European Marine Board) gave a presentation of the Marine Board perspectives of the European marine science landscape.

Kathrine Angell-Hansen  (Director of the JPI Oceans Secretariat) gave a presentation of the Joint Programming Initiative Healthy and Productive Seas and Oceans.

Four invited scientific presentations (10' presentation + 20' discussion) followed, presenting the outcome of some of the 19 activities funded by EuroMarine on its 2014 budget. All but one (containing unpublished results: Yunne Jai Shin (IRD) – Foresight Workshop –  Performance and reference points of ecosystem indicators: a multi-model approach) are available.

Catherine Boyen gave an introduction to the 'science priorities and opportunities' agenda-setting workshop session.

On Day 2 Pierre-François Baisnée (EuroMarine Executive Director) presented slides for the formal business and decision-making session.

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