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Terms and conditions of funding (applying to all activities funded by EuroMarine)

The terms and conditions of funding applying to activities funded by EuroMarine may vary in time. Specific documents can be found under each yearly call webpage. The current terms and conditions are attached below. 

In short, leaders of activities funded by EuroMarine must:

  • Timely advertise their activity within EuroMarine and give a chance to interested EuroMarine members to apply to participate
  • Acknowledge the EuroMarine contribution (see below) and use the EuroMarine logo and website address (www.euromarinenetwork.eu) where appropriate
  • Spend EuroMarine funds on eligible costs only and provide a financial report to the Secretariat
  • Report on the activity and inform the Secretariat of any outcomes
  • Observe Open Science principles as regards the outcome of their activity: (a) publications shall be Open Access (paid or archived in ZENODO or other open access repositories); (b) the underlying data sets shall be published in open access in a data repository; and (c) code shall be published in Open Research Software journals.

Profiles of activity leaders will be added to the EuroMarine online directory. Further information on this can be found here.

EuroMarine logo

The EuroMarine logo can be downloaded by EuroMarine members through the below Document link in a variety of vectorial or bitmap formats.

It can also be obtained from the Secretariat.

Acknowledging the contribution of EuroMarine

Scientific articles or other products that derive from activities funded by EuroMarine should acknowledge EuroMarine with a sentence that should start with the designation of the relevant product (e.g. “This paper” / “This research” / “Research for this paper” / “The preparation of this paper”) and end with “has been supported by EuroMarine”. This standard acknowledgement form will serve text mining purposes.

Mentioning an organisation's EuroMarine membership on its website

Standard code to encapsulate a EuroMarine membership mention on the website of a Member Organisation can be reqested from the Secretariat (and has already been distributed to General Assembly representatives in April 2018). The insert will look as shown below.

Member of the
Euromarine Network

Organisations willing to mention their EuroMarine membership in a different way can contact the Secretariat or use their own text, the EuroMarine logo and a link to the EuroMarine homepage (www.euromarinenetwork.eu).