About membership

Membership at organisation level

Membership in the EuroMarine Network is determined at organisation level and must be formalized through accession to the EuroMarine Consortium Agreement (of 1 June 2014). The EuroMarine Accession Document must be signed by an organisation with a legal personality, which may act on behalf of some of its departments, labs or other structures deprived of legal personality.

There are two main membership categories: 'full' (paying) or 'invited' (non-paying).

  • Full Members contribute to EuroMarine annual budgets, can vote and can receive funds after EuroMarine yearly competitive calls for proposals. 
  • Invited Members do not contribute to the budget, can participate and take the floor in General Assembly meetings, but can neither vote nor receive funds after EuroMarine competitive calls.

>> For details, please refer to the Membership guidelines document
>> To apply for membership please refer to the 'Join us' page.

Membership at individual level

Anyone affiliated with a Member Organisation can be considered a member and as such:

  • create an account on our website and the corresponding entry in the EuroMarine directory of individuals;
  • submit (when affiliated to a Full Member Organisation) proposals under EuroMarine yearly calls.

>> How to register as an individual member