About membership

Membership at organisation level

Membership in the EuroMarine Network is determined at organisation level and must be formalized through accession to the EuroMarine Consortium Agreement (of 1 June 2014). The EuroMarine Accession Document must be signed by an organisation with a legal personality, which may act on behalf of some of its departments, labs or other structures deprived of legal personality.

There are two main membership categories: 'full' (paying) or 'invited' (non-paying).

  • Full Members contribute to EuroMarine annual budgets, can vote and can receive funds after EuroMarine yearly competitive calls for proposals. The minimum membership fee is specified in the membership guideline document.
  • Invited Members do not contribute to the budget, can participate and take the floor in General Assembly meetings, but can neither vote nor receive funds after EuroMarine competitive calls.

>> For details, please refer to the Membership guidelines document
>> To apply for membership please refer to the 'Join us' page.

Membership at individual level

Anyone affiliated with a Member Organisation can be considered a member and as such:

  • create an account on our website and the corresponding entry in the EuroMarine directory of individuals;
  • submit (when affiliated to a Full Member Organisation) proposals under EuroMarine yearly calls.

>> How to register as an individual member