Associate Project Officer – IOC data and information system developer/managerExternal

News Overview

Contact: Mr Peter Pissierssens
E-mail: p.pissierssens [at]
website: Job posting PDF
Deadline: June 1, 2018

The main responsibilities of this role, situated in Ostend, Belgium, will be to assist with the development, documenting and maintenance of web-based IOC data and information products, hosted by the IOC Project Office for IODE in Oostende, Belgium. This will involve:

  • Further develop the IOC integrated data and information system (IDIS) components including OceanExpert, PaperClip (management of expert information, institutional information, events, documents), IOC country profiles, linkage with UNESCO CRM, GOSR, etc.);
  • Assist with the hosting of new IOC web sites developed with Joomla or Drupal;
  • Assist with technical modifications in existing IOC web sites as required by IOC programme specialists;
  • Assist with adaptation of IDIS according to user needs;
  • Provide advice, guidance and assistance to IOC programme specialists and external serviceproviders related to the development of new IOC web-based data and information systems;
  • Update, upgrade or patch existing web infrastructure components, as and when required
  • Ensure the security, integrity and back-up of the web servers and database servers
  • Maximize technical efficiency and performance of IDIS services
  • Assist with user support and training.