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Contact: Felipe Artigas
E-mail: Felipe.Artigas [at]
Deadline: August 20, 2018

The Laboratory of Oceanology and Geosciences of Wimereux proposes two short-term Engineer and Postdoctoral fellowships for participating in the implementation of an automated platform for the observation and characterisation of phytoplankton dynamics in coastal waters, in the frame of regional, national and international projects.

The Engineer position, which will last for a total of 13 months, will involve participating in analysis of phytoplankton by applying innovative automated optical techniques as pulse shape-recording flow cytometry, image analysis and multispectral fluorometry on fixed platforms and/or research vessels. A minimum of an MSc degree in aquatic microbial ecology or biological oceanography is required.

The Postdoctoral fellow position lasts for a total of 15 months. The position will involve participating in the application of innovative automated optical measuring techniques, performing data analysis through specific software tools, and understanding drivers of main changes within phytoplankton communities. A PhD in aquatic microbial ecology or biological oceanography is essential for the position, as well as sustained experience in phytoplankton studies.