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Deadline: June 11, 2018

The position of Fishery Trophic Network Technician is open in Ifremer. The main aim of the successful applicant will be to support the realization of research and expertise on the empirical study of food webs. The main tasks of the role will involve:

  • participate in scientific surveys in the Channel (CGFS) and in the North Sea (IBTS);
  • identify species and perform biometrics (eg height, weight, age, sex, etc.);
  • dissect individuals and collect stomachs as well as samples of tissues and / or organs (eg liver, muscle, cartilage, calcified parts) from the species studied;
  • identify prey in stomach contents (taxonomic determination, abundance, biomass, prey size);
  • prepare the samples for the different analyzes, in accordance with the protocols of the subcontractor or partner laboratories prepare the specimens for precision digital photography and take geo-morphometric measurements under image analysis software;
  • manage and organize the storage of samples of all kinds;
  • participate in the capture and management of acquired data and the establishment and maintenance of the storage database;
  • occasionally strengthen the team of technicians in charge of collecting data for the assessment of fisheries resources.

The position is full-time, and it is essential applicants possess laboratory experience, as well as experience of sampling campaigns at sea and experience in using office software and databases.