Five interdisciplinary PhD fellowships in marine biological sciencesExternal

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E-mail: grossi [at]
Deadline: July 15, 2019

Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn (SZN) is seeking candidates for five interdisciplinary fellowships in marine biological sciences. The 3-year fellowships are based in Naples (Italy). The fellowships are on the following topics:

1. Impact of microbe-Jellyfish associations on the Carbon and NItrogen Cycles in coastal marine Ecosystems (JuICE)
Director of Studies: Ulisse Cardini
Department of Integrative Marine Ecology

2. Biosynthesis of long chain aliphatic compounds from Nannochloropsis spp.
Director of Studies: Sergio Balzano
Department of Marine Biotechnology

3. Nitrate sensing and uptake in diatoms: from molecular evolution to functional characterization
Director of Studies: Alessandra Rogato
Internal Supervisor: Maria I. Ferrante
Department of Integrative Marine Ecology

4. Copepods as model organisms to evaluate the toxicity of emerging contaminants: an ecotoxicogenomic approach
Director of Studies: Isabella Buttino
Internal Supervisor: Ylenia Carotenuto
Department of Integrative Marine Ecology

5. ‘SFerOASys’ Sponges as Fertilizing agents in Ocean Acidified Systems: Who’s in the Loop?
Director of Studies: Laura Núñez Pons
Department of Integrative Marine Ecology

To apply for the fellowships, please visit the SZN website below.