Four fellowships at LifeWatch ItalyExternal

LifeWatch Italy, University of Sallento, Italy

News Overview

Deadline: January 22, 2021

LifeWatch Italy are offering four fellowships. LifeWatch Italy is a member of LifeWatch ERIC, the e-Science European infrastructure for biodiversity & ecosystem research. It facilitates the sharing and aggregation of open-data, and their integration and analysis in advanced models. Its VREs, combined with computational power and disruptive technologies, make it possible to test scenarios of change on biodiversity organisation and conservation, ecosystems and their services, under multiple drivers in the future.

The four fellowships available are:

 1. Semantic applications for biodiversity and ecosystem research to support the LifeWatchPLUS distributed Data Center and the LifeWatch ERIC community.
 2. Multimedia developments for the promotion of research on biodiversity and ecosystems.
 3. Harmonization and analysis of data on morpho-functional traits and on the organization of phytoplankton corporations.
 4. Development and management of cloud and HPC infrastructures.

For more information on each fellowship, please visit the full announcement below.