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The MERMEX program aims at studying the response of Mediterranean ecosystems to natural and anthropogenic pressures, and combines integrated observation / experimental / modeling approaches.

The aim of this scientific workshop is to review the progress of the operations carried out in recent years, and to present the ongoing actions.

Five thematic sessions covering the main factors impacting the Mediterranean marine ecosystems, as defined in the MERMEX White Paper, are scheduled in the pre-program.

Influence of hydrodynamics
Influence of solar radiation and atmospheric deposition
Influence of temperature and acidification
Influence of chemical contaminants
Influence of nutrients and stoechiometry
Synthetic presentations on the main achievements and the expected results in these different themes will be given by the operation leaders. Short talks of ten minutes during each session will be programmed to create a dynamic around the main scientific results. Posters will be accepted, briefly presented, and exhibited during the workshop.