The Ocean RevealedExternal

New reference work for a better understanding of the ocean and its issues in the 21st century

The ocean revealed is a collection of 130 articles by over 160 researchers and specialists (including EuroMarine co-Chairs). For a better understanding of the ocean in the 21st century, this reference work explains the issues surrounding the oceans today, in tune with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (notably including SDG 14 - 'Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development').

The attached flyer outlines the structure of the book. The English version of the book can be downloaded here from CNRS website or using the below document link. Hard copies of the French or English versions of the book can also be purchased (please refer to the below links).

Editorial Committee

Sophie ARNAUD-HAOND, Cédric BACHER, Jacques BERTRAND, Laurent BOPP, Catherine BOYEN, Chantal CAHU, Sylvie LAPÈGUE, Philippe CURY, Pascale DECLECLUSE, Agathe EUZEN, Lise FECHNER, Françoise GAILL, François GALGANI, Jean-Pierre GATTUSO, Françoise GOURMELON, Catherine JEANDEL, Denis LACROIX, Gérard LE BOUEDEC, Nadine LEBRIS, Pierre-Yves LE TRAON, Marina LÉVY, Frédéric MÉNARD,Catherine MÉVEL, Thierry PEREZ, Éric RIETH, Sarah SAMADI, Stéphanie THIÉBAULT, Patrick VINCENT.