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Deadline: November 23, 2018

The University of Lisbao is looking for a suitable candidate to fulfil the role of PhD Scientific Researcher Recruitment.

Work will be hosted by the Research Centre MARE – Marine and Environmental Sciences Centre, Lisbon, Portugal. This will be the main place of work, but the Principal Investigator of the project may accept an agreement for alternated work periods between this and another place. The person to hire will need to be available to travel to national and international work plans nationally and internationally.

Project LIFELINE (PTDC/BIA-ECO/29261/2017) aims to greatly advance the understanding of trends in biodiversity and ecosystem functioning and services over time, progressing the field towards forecasting change. LIFELINE will investigate multiple biodiversity dimensions across different biological groups and different aquatic ecosystems and habitats worldwide. LIFELINE will (1) use time series to reveal temporal trends of taxonomic biodiversity (and their environmental drivers), and of (2) phylogenetic and functional aquatic biodiversity, whilst disentangling the role of multiple biodiversity dimensions in stabilizing ecosystems. It will (3) also use the built statistical models of biodiversity trends to reveal expected changes in biodiversity; also, develop a network approach of biodiversity effects on ecosystem functioning and services from data gathered in a literature review; and combine these approaches to reveal expected changes in ecosystem functioning and services.

The objectives of the work plan of the person to hire are: to ensure the compilation of the datasets necessary for the project (on biodiversity trends) in articulation/task sharing with the other team members; analyse the compiled dataset; and summarize and analyse the data resulting from the literature review. The person to hire will also be responsible for leading the writing (and co-writing) of publications of the project, and also prepare and present communications of the project in national and international contexts. The work plan is included in all the work packages (1, 2 and 3) of the referred project LIFELINE.