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Contact: Jean-Luc Mouget
E-mail: Jean-Luc.Mouget [at]
website: Job posting PDF

Topic: determinism of blue Haslea blooms in natural environments.

The PhD project is part of the European program GHaNA (The genus Haslea, New marine resources for blue biotechnology and Aquaculture, H2020-EU.1.3.3, The Haslea genus encompasses more than 30 species identified so far in all seas and oceans. Some of these diatom species produce a blue pigment, called marennine, which accumulates at the apices of the cells before being excreted in the environment. This blue pigment displays different biological activities. The GHaNA program intents to explore the biodiversity of the genus Haslea and the potential exploitation of marennine-like pigments for food and cosmetics.

The candidate must have a degree in marine biology and ecology, preferentially with a strong background in marine communities. Good knowledge of molecular biology and/or bioinformatics (metagenomic studies, RNA-seq, R) as well as a good experience in diving will be helpful. At the beginning of the Ph.D., the candidate will learn how to identify and culture microalgae, especially Haslea strains.

The foreseen start date will be in January 2019. This PhD is a three-year contract at Le Mans University, France. As the Ph.D. project will imply travels and fieldwork for long periods of time in collaboration with other labs, the candidate must be ready for mobility.

Please send a letter of motivation and a resume to one of the contacts below:

- Jean-Luc Mouget : Jean-Luc [dot] Mougetatuniv-lemans [dot] fr
- Vincent Leignel : Vincent [dot] Leignelatuniv-lemans [dot] fr
- Myriam Badawi : Myriam [dot] Badawiatuniv-lemans [dot] fr