Post-Workshop Network Proving a SuccessInternal

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Update or reminder related to: Linking biodiversity, ecosystem functioning and ecosystem services
Contact: Claire Goll├ęty
E-mail: claire.gollety [at]

The formation of the network has proven to be a success, and there have been a number of developments resulting from this, both directly and indirectly. A group from the network are currently drafting a proposal for the MSCA-ITN-2018 call under H2020 for a group of doctorate thesis on seagrass ecosystem function and services. In another development, at least one of the early-career scientists that joined the workshop has benefited from the network for new research actions by successfully securing: (i) a small grant to join experienced scientists for a small survey on seagrasses in Mayotte, and (ii) a Marie-Curie fellowship to join the lab of one of the early members of the workshop once her current contract is over.

In other results, the position paper is still in progress, while the restitution seminar was given on the last day of the workshop.