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The Roscoff Biological Station has a 24-month contract free for a position in Bioinformatics. The Roscoff Biological Station proposes to develop a suite of bioinformatics tools that are critical to generate intercomparable inventories of microbial diversity, e.g. at long-term monitoring stations. The data and knowledge generated will constitute unique resources for academic users, including culture collections and/or biotechnological companies, notably allowing users to target specific sampling sites and periods of the year for isolating yet uncultivated microbial species of interest for biotechnological or scientific purposes. To reach these goals, the Station intends to gather under a common interface a number of existing reference databases targeting the most ecologically relevant microbial groups using either universal markers, such as the 18S rRNA region (PR2) and the plastidial 16S rRNA (PhytoREF), or high resolution functional genes such as proteorhodopsin (PR) for PR-containing photoheterotrophic bacteria (MicRhoDE) and the petB gene, encoding cytochrome b6, for cyanobacteria (CyanoDB).

To be eligible for the role, candidates are expected to have some of the following skills: Proficiency in software development, knowledge of best practices for supporting large, complex databases, and an ability to communicate technical information effectively, both orally and in writing.