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Contact: Laurence Garczarek
E-mail: laurence.garczarek [at]
website: Bioinformatics position job posting

A two-year position in Bioinformatics tools in Microbial Ecology is currently open to applicants at Roscoff.

Although the diversity of marine microbes is starting to be routinely monitored in the frame of marine stations long-term time-series using NGS technologies, the detection of significant shifts in complex microbial community structure is still largely limited by i) the paucity of extensive expert-curated reference databases that are mandatory for a reliable taxonomic assignment of sequences, ii) the lack of homogeneity between genetic analyses performed across different sampling sites and iii) the dispersal of taxonomic expertise on specific groups.

This role is aimed at devising a suite of bioinformatics tools, which will help develop unique resources for academic users. The main goals of this role will be to target the most ecologically relevant microbial groups, develop bioinformatic tools to semi-automatically update these databases over time, and to develop user-friendly analytical workflows adapted to each marker gene and sequencing technology.