Postdoctoral position on jellyfish bioprospectingExternal

News Overview

Contact: Dr. Antonella Leone
E-mail: antonella.leone [at]
website: GoJelly project webpage
Deadline: March 26, 2018

In the framework of the new H2020 GoJelly project, a one-year, renewable post-doc position in Lecce (Italy) at the National Research Council (*) - Institute for Sciences for Food Production (ISPA-CNR) and CONISMA laboratories, on the topic: “Evaluation and validation on cell culture systems of bioactive compounds from marine organisms (jellyfish)”,  starting next May, 2018.

Job Description:
The evaluation of biologic activities is pivotal in natural product research and in developing food with nutraceutical potential from unusual biomasses. We seek for a highly motivated and skilled post-doctoral candidate with established expertise in valuation and validation of natural product bioactivity. The main task of the post-doctoral research fellow will involve cell culture-based assays coupled with other in vitro assays. 

Further experiences in chemical analysis, statistical analysis, downstream chemistry (purification, characterization of metabolites) as well as upstream management of marine invertebrates are highly welcome. The main application area will be the development of novel and alternative food sources, and the identification of nutraceuticals and bioactive compounds.

The successful candidate will participate in various drug discovery and biology programs on marine invertebrates and microorganisms. He/she will closely interact with other european research groups from a broad range of disciplines. He/she will be heavily involved in establishment of new methods, training/supervision of postgraduate/undergraduate students, preparations of external funding proposals.

(*) CNR-ISPA is a public research body supervised by the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research and is internationally recognized in the field of research, innovation, R&D, and technology transfer. Research activity of ISPA-CNR focused on food quality and safety, including biotechnology and innovative technologies in the field of  functional foods, probiotics and novel foods.