Postdoctoral position in ocean-ecosystem modellingExternal

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Contact: Ivy Frenger
E-mail: ifrenger [at]
website: Full job posting
Deadline: February 22, 2019

GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel is one of the internationally leading institutions in the field of marine sciences. The Collaborative Project BioTip (Social-Ecological Tipping Points of the Northern Humboldt Current Upwelling System, Economic Repercussions and Governance Strategies) is a joint project between GEOMAR and several other German research institutes and universities,to assess ecological, social and economic interactions and potential tipping points of the Humboldt upwelling system, the eastern boundary upwelling system with the highest fish productivity.

The research unit Marine Biogeochemical Modelling is offering a Postdoc in ocean-ecosystem modelling within BioTip, starting as soon as possible (project start: March 1st, 2019).

This position is devoted to understanding the relations of biogeochemical cycling, higher trophic levels (especially anchovy) and environmental conditions in the Humboldt upwelling system, with the specific goal to investigate biogeochemical and ecological tipping points, based on an “end-to-end” model approach.

The main tasks will be the evaluation of an end-to-end model system and the set-up of idealized model simulations to assess potential biogeochemical and ecological tipping points in a model under global warming. The tool to do this will be ROMS-BioEBUS-OSMOSE, a coupled model framework that is presently being developed in the Biogeochemcial Modelling group and that consists of the individuum-based fish model OSMOSE and the regional ocean circulation-biogeochemical model ROMSBioEBUS. 

More details, including how to apply, can be found via the job posting website link above.