Research fellowship in ecosystems modellingExternal

News Overview

Contact: Benoît Sarels
E-mail: benoit.sarels [at]
website: FORMAL website
Deadline: April 30, 2020

Please note that the deadline for this application was originally March 31st, but it has been extended to April 30th.

Sorbonne Université has announced that their junior project-team FORMAL (From ObseRving to Modeling oceAn Life) has an open research fellowship for an interested candidate in the area of marine ecosystems modelling.

The goal of FORMAL is to study life dynamics in the global ocean at various scales of time and space, a key component of which is the improvement of current models of marine life and ecosystems. The selected candidate will familiarise themselves with the current state-of-the-art models (such as the PISCES model developed in Sorbonne Université) and work with team members to consider improvements of these models (e.g. better representation of the functional responses or organisms' stoichiometry, etc.).

For more information on this position's requirements and application procedures, please see the full job offer attached below.