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Contact: Antti Asikainen
E-mail: antti.asikainen [at]
Deadline: August 30, 2019

The Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) is seeking candidates for a research professorship in food sustainability which focuses on resource and energy efficiency in food production systems, sustainable production and consumption in the food supply chain, or decoupling economic growth and the use of natural resources. 

Special emphasis should be put on circular solutions and resilience within food bioeconomy. The person is expected to actively develop the strategic orientation of ambitious research projects, lead the development of large-scale project entities, and procurement of long-term broad-based funding. 

Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) provides to the professorship a working environment that includes strong group of experts and databases for food chain sustainability assessment especially based on LCA approach including social LCA and LCA cost assessment. At the food system level, Luke provides an extensive interdisciplinary intra and inter organisational framework for a holistic sustainability interventions and innovations at each level of food systems, development of green business for food and sustainability indicator development for alternative and novel food systems.

To learn more about the role, please follow the link to the full announcement below.