Technical Engineer at Marine Robotics CentreExternal

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Contact: Hans Pirlet
E-mail: jobs [at]
website: Job posting
Deadline: November 15, 2018

This position will be directly under the head of the Marine Robotics Center and will be responsible for:

  • the operation, maintenance and development of VLIZ robotics: Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV Genesis), Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, Unmanned Surface Vehicle;
  • the quality assurance of this robotics, including associated measurement systems and sensors;
  • looking after the technical and operational aspects of this robotics;
  • performing missions at sea with this robotics.
  • For the tasks mentioned above, this person will cooperate with and provide technical guidance to a group of marine technicians in the Research Infrastructure department.

Based on the role of the Marine Robotics Center, this person will also provide technical support, technical advice and technical guidance with regard to VLIZ's entire research infrastructure, particularly with regard to electronic measuring systems.

It is essential that applicants possess a Masters Degree in industrial sciences electronics,or equivalent qualifications.