Two postdoctoral positions in analytical chemistry, microbiology and molecular biologyExternal

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Contact: Alyssa Joyce
E-mail: alyssa.joyce [at]
Deadline: January 31, 2020

The University of Gothenburg (Sweden) is offering two postdoctoral positions within its Marine Science department. The positions focus on different aspects of microbiology and molecular biology within aquaculture. 

Position 1

This position will examine the utilisation of microorganisms as novel feed sources for aquaculture. The candidate will be responsible for cultivation in bioreactor systems of specific microbial assemblages that contribute to enhanced growth and well-being of live fishfeed (rotifers, brine shrimp) widely used in aquaculture. They will also work on microalgal production for shellfish, and biofloc systems for fish and shrimp. Read more here.

Position 2

This position is part of a project examining the role of microbial populations in recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS), in anaerobic digesters and in hydroponics (HYP) units with the goal of better understanding conditions that will maximise beneficial transfers of microbes and their products among components of decoupled aquaponics systemsRead more here.


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