Two Postdoctoral Research FellowshipsExternal

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Contact: Prof Astrid Jarre
E-mail: Astrid.Jarre [at]
Deadline: April 27, 2018

The South African Research Chair in Marine Ecology and Fisheries, based at the University of Cape Town, has two Postdoctoral Fellowship positions currently available.

One scholarship can be awarded to a candidate interested in exploring spatio-temporal fishing fleet behaviour in response to ecosystem changes using ecosystem modelling. Candidates should demonstrate experience in one of the standard ecosystem modelling approaches (the EwE suite of models, Osmose or Atlantis). Experience in temperate or subtropical shelf systems, or eastern boundary upwelling ecosystems will be an advantage.

The other scholarship can be awarded to a candidate with a background in social sciences, interested in interdisciplinary research across the natural and social sciences. The incumbent is expected to conduct research into increasing adaptive capacity of coastal communities of the Agulhas Bank subsystem of the southern Benguela. Experience from this region, or comparable