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Open call: Aix-Marseille University’s DOC2AMU doctoral programme
Opening of the first call for applications to Aix-Marseille University’s DOC2AMU doctoral programme. Early-stage researchers and Master degree holders have until June 24 2016 to submit applications...
May 27, 2016
14th International Symposium on the Interactions between Sediments and Water
The International Association for Sediment Water Science (IASWS), bringing together a wide range of researchers from different disciplines, seeks to promote, encourage and recognize excellence in...
May 27, 2016
Publication of JPI Oceans Annual Activities 2015 report
JPI Oceans have published their report on Annual Activities in 2015. The document contains information on the activities, network, international co-operation, communication and outreach, and...
May 24, 2016
Postdoctoral Fellow position in biogeochemical ocean modelling
University of Bergen, Norway
There is a vacancy for a postdoctoral fellow position at the Geophysical Institute (Faculty of Mathematics and Natural sciences and the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research at University of Bergen,...
May 19, 2016
Marine Harvest Scotland Scholarships for a joint degree Masters in aquaculture
Marine Harvest Scotland (Ltd) has pledged two scholarships to the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree in AquaCulture, Environment and Society (EMJMD ACES) run by the Oban-based Scottish Association...
May 18, 2016
Applications open for the first Atlantic Project Awards 2016
The Atlantic Project Awards are designed to honour outstanding success stories, achieved by projects in the geographical area covered by the Atlantic Strategy and that are related to the...
May 18, 2016
PhD position in evolution and speciation in marine sciences
The Department of Marine Sciences, University of Gothenburg
The University of Gothenburg is seeking a PhD student in evolution and speciation in marine sciences at the Department of Marine Sciences. The PhD-student will work in a team studying contact zones...
May 18, 2016
PhD position in Pathogen control in organic aquaculture production
The University of Gothenburg, Sweden
The University of Gothenburg is seeking a Phd in Pathogen control in organic aquaculture production. At minimum, the candidate must possess a master's degree in molecular biology, cell biology,...
May 18, 2016
This summer school will take place from 21 - 27 Aug. 2016 in Holbæk (Denmark)The BONUS projects BIO-C3, INSPIRE, COCOA and BAMBI are arranging a summer school course for Ph.D. students and postdocs...
May 18, 2016
First Sven Lovén International Field School for Marine Ecology
This International Field School for Marine Ecology will take place from 15 - 26 Aug. 2016, at the Sven Lovén Centre (Sweden). This summer school in marine ecology provides students with the...
May 18, 2016
Post-doctoral position - Phytoplankton survival during Polar winter
The Station Biologique of Roscoff is seeking a post-doctoral fellow to study phytoplankton survival position in the winter (cultures, physiology, transcriptomics). The post-doctoral fellow is...
May 18, 2016
PhD Project - Oyster as a niche for vibrio evolution and pathogen emergence
A PhD position is available on Oyster as a niche for vibrio evolution and pathogen emergence. The objective of this PhD project is to investigate the evolution of vibrio virulence in relation to the...
May 18, 2016
PhD position in Biogeochemistry - The silicon cycle in the Arctic Ocean, the role of diatoms in phytoplankton blooms under climate change
Aix-Marseille University is seeking a candidate for a PhD position in Biogeochemistry titled "The silicon cycle in the Arctic Ocean - The role of diatoms in phytoplankton blooms under climate change...
May 18, 2016
Positions on offer in the SZN Italy International Ph.D. Program 2016-2017
Ph.D. fellowships are available to carry out interdisciplinary training in Biological Sciences at the Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn in Naples (Italy).  Positions on offer: Bacteria-diatom...
May 18, 2016
Post-doctoral position in Marine Chemistry/ Biogeochemistry
A postdoc position (2 years) within the field of  Marine Chemistry is available at the Department of Chemistry at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology (NT), in the Norwegian University of...
May 18, 2016
Reminder: DEVOTES-EuroMarine Summer School - Marine ecosystem services, management and governance: linking social and ecological research
This summer school will take place in the Aquarium of Donostia, 6 - 9 June 2016, San Sebastián (Spain). The topic for this summer school relates to marine ecosystem services and the links between...
May 18, 2016
NET-SCARCE International Conference - RIVER UNDER WATER SCARCITY: Threats and challenges
The NET-SCARCE International Conference will be held on 15-16 November 2016 in Barcelona (Spain). This conference is part of the project NET-SCARCE, which in turn is the follow-up to the project...
May 18, 2016
International Conference - Scenarios and Models of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in support of Decision Making
The conference is organised by the "Biodiversity and Ecosystem Scenarios Network (ScenNet)". The conference covers scenarios and modelling applications in marine, freshwater and terrestrial systems,...
May 18, 2016
GEOMAR Post-doctoral research position
The research unit Marine Natural Products Chemistry/ GEOMAR Centre for Marine Biotechnology within the research division Marine Ecology, is offering a post as "Analytical marine natural product...
May 16, 2016
III UCA-CEIMAR International Summer School Course on Aquaculture in Southern Europe: Basic and Applied Aspects
The International Campus of Excellence of the Sea (CEIMAR) are holding an aquaculture course entitled “Aquaculture in Southern Europe: Basic and Applied Aspects” which will be held from 11-15 July...
May 16, 2016
Altantic Ocean Climate Scholars Programme
The Atlantic Ocean Climate Scholars Programme is an intensive, accredited, fully funded workshop examining how climate and oceans interact, with particular examples from the Atlantic Ocean and higher...
May 16, 2016
Registration still open for the MaCuMBA Microbiome conference
Hosted by the MaCuMBA project, this extraordinary event will take place in Berlin (Germany) on 27-30 June 2016. Featuring a jam-packed programme with speakers and attendees from around the world,...
May 16, 2016
IPBES Webinar 2 'IPBES: The Conceptual Framework'
The Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) is the intergovernmental body which assesses the state of biodiversity and of the ecosystem services it...
April 28, 2016
MaCuMBA Industry & Science Conference 'Marine Microbiome - Discovery & Innovation'
The MaCuMBA symposium will focus on the biotechnical application of marine microbes and will involve a joint industry conference and open science meeting. The conference - ‘The Marine Microbiome -...
April 28, 2016
North Sea Open Science Conference
This conference will highlight state-of-the-art knowledge, solutions and prospects to enlarge the scientific basis for an ecosystem-based management of the North Sea. Two main pillars with associated...
April 28, 2016
2nd International Marine Science Communication Conference 'CommOCEAN'
CommOCEAN as the International Marine Science Communication Conference, was launched by the European Marine Board Communications Panel (EMBCP) and organized in the first instance by its Portuguese...
April 28, 2016
Gdansk Summer School 'Upper Ocean Turbulence'
The main purpose of the school is to teach next generation of ocean going international scientists (physics, engineering and geosciences graduate students) in the art of turbulence theory and...
April 28, 2016
Hjort Summer School 'Microbial Oceanography - Complexity vs Simplicity in Microbial Ecology'
The Hjort summer school targets the question of how to study the complex world of pelagic micro-organisms. The goal of the summer school is to evaluate how the different approaches may fit together...
April 28, 2016
The 2nd International workshop 'Air-Sea Gas Fluxes: Progress and Future Prospects'
This is a highly interdisciplinary workshop aimed at bring multiple communities studying air-sea exchange and gas fluxes together to present and discuss recent advances in the field, as well as...
April 28, 2016
Post-doctoral position in Marine Science (physiology)
Two-year postdoc position is now open for a suitable candidate with a background in marine physiology (minimum PhD in molecular biology, cell biology, physiology or related disciplines). Aquaculture...
April 28, 2016
Ingénieur position in statistics to work on phytoplankton and ocean dynamics decadal variability
The fellow will explore a number of linear to non-linear Statistical Models using the physical parameters to explain phytoplankton data as part of the PHYTOplankton DEcadal Variability(PHYTODEV)...
April 28, 2016
Call for nominations to the IMBER Scientific Steering Committee
The Integrated Marine Biogeochemistry and Ecosystem Research project is inviting nominations for three new members for its Scientific Steering Committee (SSC). The SSC is responsible for the...
April 28, 2016
Call for comments on SCOR Working Group proposals
11 working group proposals have been submitted to the SCOR Secretariat for consideration at the 2016 SCOR General Meeting. These are available online. The SCOR Executive Committee asks for comments...
April 28, 2016
Linking biodiversity, ecosystem functioning and ecosystem services
A comparison between temperate and tropical seagrass meadows
This foresight workshop will address the need for improving the spatial extent and ecological context of data linking biodiversity to ecosystem functioning and ecosystem services, with a focus on...
April 26, 2016
Using a systematic conservation planning approach to enhance the marine spatial planning process in Europe
Decision support tools which map human uses and nature conservation can assist in overcoming spatial planning problems in an integrated management way. Moving to a co-ordinated management approach to...
April 26, 2016
12th Summer course on Marine Ecological and Evolutionary Genomics
This International course at Station Biologique de Roscoff aims to demonstrate the key role of genomics to understand the marine ecosystem and its organisms for an efficient and sustainable use of...
April 26, 2016
Marine ecosystem services, management and governance: Linking social and ecological research. DEVOTES-EuroMarine Summer School 2016
The main objective of this capacity building and training course is to give an overview on ecosystem services assessment and its relationship with ocean and coastal livelihoods, management and...
April 26, 2016
Environmental Controls of marine N2 fixation: Present Knowledge and Future Challenges
This working group will bring together 45 experts working on marine N2 fixation in a coordinated effort to improve understanding of the distribution and functioning of marine N2 fixers in the world...
April 26, 2016
Management of bioinvasions in the Mediterranean - the way forward
This working group will provide advice for the management of one of the main environmental stressors in European Seas, in particular the Mediterranean Sea, in response to the increasing threat of...
April 26, 2016
Stem cells of marine invertebrates: from basic research to innovative applications
This working group will meet to advance the marine stem cell research community in Europe, addressing the inadequate attention in regards to funding and the fragmentation of the marine stem cell...
April 26, 2016
The Biological Carbon Pump in a Changing World
This event will bring together 20 leading European scientists to discuss the current and future research needs of the biological carbon pump, a critical mechanism in our oceans. The potential effects...
April 26, 2016
Social transformations on small-scale fisheries
Ten stakeholders from the fishing industry and research will meet in the University de Bretagne Occidentale to investigate the type and magnitude of social transformations experienced by small-scale...
April 26, 2016
Digital Marine Libraries
This foresight workshop will devise a strategy for digitising marine information to meet the needs of library users in the 21st Century. Designing new services of interest to the Marine research...
April 26, 2016
Marine Eco-Systems Biology
Bridging environmental and ecological data with integrated ‘omics to understand and predict future seagrass ecosystems under global/climate change
The effects of environmental pressures on seagrasses on a molecular level is crucial to understanding the mechanism of declining seagrass populations. This workshop at the University of Southern...
April 26, 2016
Marine ecosystem-based governance: From rhetoric to reality
Scientifically informed governance is paramount to deal with the resilience of marine systems. The main objective of this interactive and disciplinary workshop in Trieste is to move the rhetoric of...
April 26, 2016
Exploitation and Legal Aspects on Marine Genetic and Chemical Resources
This foresight workshop will address the discovery and use of natural products derived from marine organisms to address human health challenges. Scientists from a variety of fields from ecology to...
April 26, 2016
Uncertain futures: Building scenarios and models for marine ecosystems An emblematic case study: the Barents Sea
The Barents Sea provides an emblematic case study with several questions central to the current understanding and management of its fisheries resource within an ecosystem context. The main objective...
April 26, 2016
Developing an integrated framework for studying Halophila stipulacea, the world’s first globally invasive marine angiosperm
The invasive marine angiosperm, H. stipulacea, may become more prevalent in European waters in the coming years. This foresight workshop aims to understand the threat H. stipulacea will pose to...
April 26, 2016
Developing ecosystem-based solutions for resilient European harbours and coastal waterfronts
ECORES will foster a new focus on the "blue" planning and design of harbours and waterfronts of European coastal cities. The ECORES foresight workshop in Bologna aims to establish a baseline of the...
April 26, 2016
Impact of climate change on functional and phylogenetic diversity of plankton
PlankDiv aims to gather expertise in species distribution models, plankton biogeography, functional traits, and phylogeny to assess the impact of climate and climate change on plankton communities’...
April 26, 2016