EUR-OCEANS Consortium final report and hot topics conference (with EuroMarine sessions)External

In 2013, the EUR-OCEANS Consortium (EOC; 2009-13; the follow-up structure of the 2005-2008 EUR-OCEANS European Network of Excellence) produced a final report and organised a final conference  (EUR-OCEANS 'Hot Topics' Conference, PLOCAN, Gran Canaria, 6-8 Nov. 2013).

The conference intended to favour the merger of the former European Networks of Excellence (EUR-OCEANS, MarBEF, Marine Genomics Europe) into the new EuroMarine nework (as planned by the EuroMarine FP7 preparatory project, 2011-13). The conference first presented some 'hot topics' that EOC yearly competitive calls had helped address, and which were deemed important by the EOC community.  But it also covered topics requiring a joint, interdisciplinary approach across the three formerly separated community called to merge in a single network. The conference was held at PLOCAN in Gran Canaria, Spain, 6-8 November 2013. It gathered 85 participants from 19 countries.

The report notably contained: a complete list of activities that EOC funded over five years; a financial summary; and a presentation of the 'hot topics' that EOC activities addressed.

Through the report and the conference, EOC also intended to advocate for its self-sustained network model (where most of the available resources went to a yearly call for scientific activities; and where the overall budget allowed for such calls).