16S rRNA gene metabarcoding CourseExternal

Activity Overview

Type: Course
Start Date: April 3, 2017
End Date: April 7, 2017
Venue: Humboldt-Universität, Berlin
Website: Course website
Contact: Dr Alexandre de Menezes
E-mail: ademez [at] gmail.com

Application/registration deadline: March 3, 2017
Registration website: http://www.physalia-courses.org/courses/course8/

The 16s rRNA gene has become the standard marker for prokaryote phylogenetic analysis, and combined with high-throughput sequencing technologies it is widely used to infer the structure and composition of microbial communities. Due to the continuous improvements in sequencing technologies and bioinformatics tools, there is a wide choice of methods for sequencing and analysing 16S rRNA gene assemblies. This workshop is designed to give students the necessary background and practical experience of the strategies for the analysis of the diversity and structure of prokaryote communities, covering i) experimental design and primer choices; ii) wet-lab and library preparation options; iii) sequence quality control and analysis and iv) statistical analysis of microbial community data. The many sequencing and analysis options will be discussed, whereas a more in-depth tutorial using real sequence data will provide an opportunity for the student to practice 16S rRNA sequence analysis from raw sequence files to ecological interpretation. Course material, such as presentation slides and necessary model data, will be provided to the students.

This workshop is intended for students and researchers interested in microbial ecology but who are not yet very familiar with the techniques involved.