2nd International Symposium on the Advances in Marine Mussel ResearchExternal

Activity Overview

Type: Conference
, Type: Conference session
Start Date: September 7, 2017
End Date: September 8, 2017
Venue: Sète (France)
Website: 2nd International Symposium on the Advances in Marine Mussel Research webpage

Application/registration deadline: June 30, 2017

This symposium aims to highlight the latest research on marine mussels (Mytilus sp.) from a multidisciplinary perspective, including  studies from the fields of genomics, proteomics, immunology, physiology, ecology, ecotoxicology and aquaculture among others. Marine mussels represent an excellent study system in evolutionary biology, ecology, ecotoxicology, climate change and more importantly, they are a key species in aquaculture, being commercialised worldwide.

The conference will start on Thursday 7 September at 9 am and will end on Friday 8 at 3 pm. An excursion to the Thau lagoon shellfish farms will be organised on Friday afternoon after 3 pm and will be followed by a convivial diner on Friday night (package registration required). The symposium will host 6 invited talks (1h), around 15 talks from participants (15min) and a poster session on Thursday evening.

AMMR 2017 will gather 80 researchers from all over the world working on marine mussel genetics, ecology, immunology, ecotoxicology, biomimetism, cancerology, etc. It will allow four highly recognized researchers in their field to present their work and to listen to high quality contributions. We hope AMMR 2017 will definitely seal the Vigo initiative and hopefully initiate a long series of AMMR globally for many more years.