COLUMBUS Training Course: "Creating Impact by Knowledge Transfer for Funding Agencies"External

Activity Overview

Type: Capacity building and training
Start Date: November 6, 2017
End Date: November 6, 2017
Venue: Crowne Plaza Brussels, Belgium

Application/registration deadline: October 21, 2017
Registration website:

Within the timeframe of the project, COLUMBUS has and will ensure to continue to create measurable value from research investments contributing to sustainable Blue Growth.To do this, it uses its own robust Knowledge Transfer methodology. This has been tested and trialled for a number of marine and maritime sectors, and also piloted by the Belgian funding agency, VLIZ. This training course will introduce attendees to the methodology, provide case studies of its application and outline some further recommendations for ensuring that funded projects reach their potential impact.

This training course is intended for all those who are invested in achieving greater impact from the research that they support. It is designed for representatives from Europe-based funding agencies, evaluators, national contact points and decision makers.

An open training course for researchers and other stakeholders will be provided on 23 January 2018 in Brussels, alongside the third and final COLUMBUS International Blue Society Knowledge Transfer Conference.