EMODnet Open Sea Lab Hackathon kick-off meetingExternal

Activity Overview

Type: Other
Start Date: May 24, 2019
End Date: May 24, 2019
Venue: Brussels, Belgium
Website: opensealab.eu
Contact: EMODnet Secretariat
E-mail: info [at] emodnet.eu

Registration website: http://registration.vliz.be/node/843

The Open Sea Lab Kick-off event will mark the official opening of the applications to participate in the Open Sea Lab Hackathon 2019. All talks will be streamed live and made available online on the website afterwards. 

The hackathon itself will take place from 4-6 September 2019. The format and challenges of the Open Sea Lab II will be presented during the kick-off event. Organizers, some of the coaches and data providers will be present at the event. At the hackathon, teams will compete and bring their expertise to develop novel marine and maritime applications.