EuroMarine 2019 General AssemblyInternal

Activity Overview

Type: EuroMarine General Assembly meeting
Start Date: January 30, 2019
End Date: January 31, 2019
Host: UCA
Venue: Cádiz, Spain (U. Cádiz - CEI·MAR)
Contact: EuroMarine Secretariat
E-mail: secretariat [at]
Decision Body: EuroMarine Steering Committee

Application/registration deadline: December 16, 2018
Registration website:


In 2019, the EuroMarine General Assembly (GA) meeting will take place in Cádiz, Spain, on 30 January (all day) and 31 January 2019 (morning). It will be hosted and co-organised by the University of Cádiz (UCA).

It will be preceded:

It will be followed by a (closed) EuroMarine Steering Committee meeting, on Thu. 31 Jan. PM.

The programme structure is described below and the programme is included in the attached booklet. Two salient items on the agenda can be pointed out:

  • a specific EuroMarine working group is preparing an analysis of all scientific activities funded by EuroMarine in its first four years of existence and will report on it during the GA meeting;
  • the GA will discuss and make decisions regarding the operational launch of the EuroMarine not-for-profit Legal Entity (which will serve as a support structure for the EuroMarine Consortium); this legal entity could indeed be recently created as an association under French law; its creation was announced in the French Official Journal of 1 Sept. 2018; it should be ready during Fall 2018 to manage EuroMarine 2019 budget and seek additional funding sources.


Registration opened on 19 Sept. 2018.

All participants are invited to register online at by 16 Dec. 2018

All GA representatives (or substitutes) and all invited participants will have priority and are encouraged to register at their earliest convenience.

All other potential participants are also welcome to register at the earliest. However, their registration will only be confirmed closer to the meeting (within room capacity limits, which in principle should allow for the confirmation of all potential registrations).

Call for candidates and election of three new Steering Committee (SC) members

Three new SC members should be elected during the GA meeting (as prescribed by SC renewal rules). The call for candidates opens on 15 Nov. and closes on 31 Dec. 2018. While their term will officially start in July 2019, the three new SC members will be invited to attend the SC meeting that will be held on 31 Jan. 2019 PM after the GA meeting, and to participate in any online SC meeting or email exchanges prior to the official start of their term.


The overall structure of the meeting is as follows:

  • Mon. 28 - Tue. 29 Jan.: side-events (workshops of the OYSTER and EMGRI EuroMarine working groups; upon invitation only)
  • Wed. 30 Jan. (all day)GA meeting (reporting, presentation of outcome of selected EuroMarine activities, discussion...)
  • Thu. 31 Jan. morningGA meeting (formal business / decision-making session)
  • Thu. 31 Jan. afternoon: closed Steering Committee meeting (SC members only).

Please refer to the attached booklet for details. Printed copies will be included in the registration packs. GA representatives will receive in advance of the meeting the 2018 activity report, the detailed agenda of the formal business and decision-making session, including a link to an archive containing many supporting and reference documents.

Practical information - Accommodation

Please consult the attached practical information document to plan for your travel and accommodation. (The NEW version uploaded on 12 Nov. contains pointers to new hotels with negotiated rates).


The EuroMarine General Assembly (GA) meeting took place in Cádiz, Spain, 30-31 January 2019. It was attended by 59 participants from 13 countries.

It was preceded by two EuroMarine-funded Working Groups meetings:

The GA was followed by a EuroMarine (closed) Steering Committee meeting, in the afternoon of 31 January.

Election of three new Steering Committee (SC) members

Three new SC members were elected during the GA meeting (as prescribed by SC renewal rules):

  • LANDOLFI Angela (GEOMAR, Germany)
  • MARTIN Daniel (CSIC, Spain)
  • VERGARA Juan José (UCA, Spain)


A programme is available in the booklet below

The introductory, activity, strategy and flash talk presentations will be made available for download below under the Documents Section when and as authorized.


Draft minutes have been circulated to representatives of Full Members on 1 March 2019. Final minutes will be attached to the present webpage (under Documents). (Please note that this document, along with some internal reporting presentations, will only be visible and accessible to EuroMarine members with a EuroMarine user account, once logged-in.)

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