EuroMarine Open Science Day and General Assembly Meeting

Ocean challenges have grown as a priority for the European Union and its member states. With this we have seen increased funding, but also shifting research priorities. Researchers must now generate impact in a multidisciplinary, multi-actor environment. This new context requires reflection from the Marine Research Community on how it can continue to address global ocean challenges.

EuroMarine as a member-based, interdisciplinary, collaborative network of European marine organisations and research institutes, is looking to find a way for their members to address the Ocean Global Challenges in this new context.

For this, EuroMarine is organising the EuroMarine 2022 Open Science Day and General Assembly Meeting on 17th and 18th of February 2022 as a virtual event.

The event is divided into two days:

The first day will be a science day open to all marine researchers with the following title: “How can the marine research community contribute to address the global ocean challenges?”

Join us for an open discussion on how the research community can continue to help restore our oceans and promote the Blue Economy’s sustainable development.

The first session on day 2 will be a facilitated discussion on the EuroMarine Strategy for the next two years. The main focus will be what services are needed by member organisations to support their work role in addressing the global marine challenges. This session is open to any staff/students from EuroMarine members. This session will be followed by the EuroMarine General Assembly Meeting open to EuroMarine General Assembly representatives or their substitutes only.

To register to event please follow this link

The event is free of charge.