GODAE International School: New Frontiers of Operational OceanographyInternal

Activity Overview

Type: Capacity building and training
, Type: Course
Start Date: October 2, 2017
End Date: October 13, 2017
Venue: Mallorca, Spain
Website: School website
Contact: Ananda Pascual
E-mail: ananda.pascual [at] imedea.uib-csic.es
Funding Call: EuroMarine 2016 Call for Proposals
Decision Body: EuroMarine
Total Budget: €134,000
Funds Granted: €5,000

Manager(s): Ananda Pascual
Application/registration deadline: February 28, 2017
Registration website: https://www.godae-oceanview.org/outreach/education-training/gov-summer-school-20...


This course is open to 70 PhD students, post-doctoral scientists and possibly young academics. The curriculum will include topics covering the leading edge of science in ocean observing systems, as well as the latest methods and techniques for analysis, data assimilation and ocean modelling.


This is the the third international school and will focus on frontier research in oeprational oceanography. Four specific directions will be addressed, namely the coastal ocean areas that are characterised by multiple and interacting scales including open ocean shelf-slope exchanges, the coupled ocean-atmosphere system, ocean biogeochemistry and the use of new datasets. 


The objective is to bring princpal young scientists together to obtain present knowledge of the various components of operational oceanography and present an integrated perspective for the applications of such components. The students will learn how science can benefit from operational routine products and how operational oceanography can benefit from the most recent scientific advances. This course will open the way toowards the new frontiers of operational oceanography both in terms of scientific challenges and applications. 

Expected Outcomes

The school will bring together senior experts and young researchers from across the world and expose them to the latest research in oceanography and how it will impact operational oceanography. The next generation of scientists should be trained in order to be able to advance real-time ocean forecasting and the design and implementation of ocean observing systems. All of the invited lectures will be assembled and published in a text book through an international editor. 

The GODAE school brought together 64 students from 29 countries to teach them of the latest advances in oceanography, possibilities for cross-platform observation systems, real-time data availability, model integration and assimilation

During the intense two week school there were 54 lectures, poster sessions, workshops, debates, visits to a SOCIB research vessel, hands-on EUMETSAT and Copernicus Marine Service (EU Commission). During the training days, lectures offered practical workshops where international projects and applications were announced, as well as open spaces for debate.

A direct outcome of the school is a book that was published shortly after the school finished (August 2018). The reviewing process occurred during the school, and involved all the students. They had to make a review of the chapters, and provided comments and feedback to the lecturers based on their learnings over the GODAE school. 

Chassignet, E. P., A. Pascual, J. Tintoré, and J. Verron (Eds.). (2018). New Frontiers in Operational Oceanography. GODAE OceanView, 815pp, https://doi.org/10.17125/gov2018

All the lectures and activities were recorded and made available online