INMARE Workshop on Bioinformatics External

Activity Overview

Type: Capacity building and training
, Type: Course
Start Date: November 6, 2017
End Date: November 10, 2017
Host: UniHB - MARUM
Venue: Bremen, Germany
Website: INMARE Workshop on Bioinformatics webpage
E-mail: workshops [at]

Application/registration deadline: September 11, 2017

Several workshops will be hosted in Bremen this November, the main focus of which will be the rRNA gene sequence. Serving as the overall main study of the workshops, they will aim to enhance participant's understanding of the gene sequence. This training course explains all necessary steps researchers need to take when performing amplicon-based investigations using the rDNA as a marker gene. The course starts with experimental design, including an overview of relevant sequencing technologies, and the selection and evaluation of primers for the amplification of the rRNA gene. It teaches the importance of contextual data and standards for data analysis and integration. It provides examples and best practice solutions for data pre-processing and quality assurance up to the contextualized submission of the NGS data to public repositories. It also gives a framework for statistical analysis of the data including a LINUX and R crash course. framework for statistical analysis of the data including a short LINUX and R crash course. Finally, BacDive will be introduced as a tool for further data integration, to better understand the biology of the sequences/organisms analyzed.
Your application mail has to include (i) your full name and (ii) the full address of your institution/company which will also be used as the invoice address later on. Please also include (iii) one short paragraph (max. 200 words) on your background and motivation to join the course.