International Conference on Time Series and Forecasting 2021External


Activity Overview

Type: Conference
Start Date: August 7, 2021
End Date: August 9, 2021
Venue: Gran Canaria (Spain)
E-mail: ITISE [at]

Abstract submission deadline: October 10, 2020
Early registration deadline: January 20, 2021

The 7th edition of the International conference on Time Series and Forecasting (ITISE 2021), which will take place in Gran Canaria (Spain) in April 7th-9th, 2021. 

ITISE 2021 seeks to provide a discussion forum for scientists, engineers, educators and students about the latest ideas and realizations in the foundations, theory, models and applications for interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research encompassing disciplines of computer science, mathematics, statistics, forecaster, econometric, etc. in the field of time series analysis and forecasting.

The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

1.- Time Series Analysis and Forecasting:

  • Nonparametric and functional methods
  • Vector processes
  • Probabilistic approaches to modeling macroeconomic uncertainties
  • Uncertainties in forecasting processes
  • Nonstationarity
  • Forecasting with Many Models. Model integration
  • Forecasting theoretics
  • Ensemble forecasting
  • Forecasting performance evaluation
  • Interval forecasting
  • Data preprocessing methods: Data decomposition, seasonal adjustment, singular spectrum analysis, detrending methods, etc.

2.- Econometrics and Forecasting:

  • Econometric models
  • Econometric Forecasting
  • Real time macroeconomic monitoring and forecasting
  • Advanced econometric methods

3.- Advanced methods and on-line learning in time series:

  • Adaptivity for stochastic models
  • On-line machine learning for forecasting
  • Aggregation of predictors
  • Hierarchical forecasting
  • Forecasting with computational intelligence
  • Time series analysis with computational intelligence
  • Integration of system dynamics and forecasting models

4.- High Dimensional and Complex/Big Data:

  • Local vs global forecasts
  • Dimension reduction techniques
  • Multiscaling
  • Forecasting Complex/Big data

5.- Forecasting in real problems:

  • Health forecasting
  • Atmospheric science forecasting
  • Telecommunication forecasting
  • Hydrological forecasting
  • Traffic forecasting
  • Tourism forecasting
  • Marketing forecasting
  • Modelling and forecasting in power markets
  • Energy forecasting
  • Climate forecasting
  • Financial forecasting and risk analysis
  • Forecasting electricity load and prices
  • Forecasting and planning systems
  • Applications in real problem (finance, transportation, networks, meteorology, ehealth, environment, etc).

For more information on the conference, please follow the link below to the conference website.