Linking biodiversity, ecosystem functioning and ecosystem servicesInternal

A comparison between temperate and tropical seagrass meadows

Activity Overview

Type: Foresight Workshop
Start Date: June 6, 2016
End Date: June 9, 2016
Venue: MARBEC, Sète (France)
Contact: Claire Golléty
E-mail: claire.gollety [at]
Funding Call: EuroMarine 2015 Call for Proposals
Decision Body: EuroMarine Steering Committee
Total Budget: €13,420
Funds Granted: €7,500

Manager(s): Claire Gollety
Co-organiser(s): Dominique Davoult

This foresight workshop will address the need for improving the spatial extent and ecological context of data linking biodiversity to ecosystem functioning and ecosystem services, with a focus on seagrass beds.

The main objective of the workshop is to bring together 16 expert scientists to discuss best protocols for testing biodiversity and ecosystem function (BEF) and biodiversity and ecosystem services (BES) links in seagrass habitats across temperate and tropical settings. The short term aim is to address methodological issues such as confounding factors that have limited the power of previous experiments, while the long term aim is to develop a European network of experts in BEF/BES research that will develop a comparative approach between temperate and tropical seagrass areas.

The workshop will identify research priorities from literature gaps, methodological issues in the state of the art approaches and best practices that will be addressed by the developing network. The outcome of the workshop will be a draft proposal with a research strategy for a European network on the management of seagrass systems and the establishment of a long-term collaboration with key European players in the field. This event will build on approaches developed during recent or current consortia such as Coastal Biodiversity and Ecosystem Service Sustainability. With several regional and national institutes aiming to advance on this knowledge, the workshop will develop a multidisciplinary discussion that will contribute to these initiatives by providing a European-wide research strategy. 

Thirteen researchers ended up taking part in the foresight workshop. The workshop took place over two and half days. Following a brief introduction and presentations of each participant, a series of presentations were given in order to discuss future research needs for linking biodiversity, ecosystem functioning and ecosystem services in seagrass habitats. These focused on:

  • What do we mean by linking ecosystem functioning and ecosystem services
  • Experience from relevant existing networks: CBESS, Valmer, ZEN and TEN
  • Tropical seagrasses: overview of research and knowledge

Further discussions were then used as the basis for tackling the three expected outputs of the workshop as follows:

  • A discussion dealt with the type of network desired by the group and the best funding opportunity to be sought.
  • A position paper was drafted addressing the literature and knowledge gaps that were identified during our discussions.
  • A restitution seminar was put together as the closing event of the foresight workshop.

Update Feed

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