Stem cells of marine invertebrates: from basic research to innovative applicationsInternal


Activity Overview

Type: Working group
Start Date: March 9, 2016
End Date: March 10, 2016
Venue: Padova (Italy)
Contact: Loriano Ballarin
E-mail: loriano.ballarin [at]
Funding Call: EuroMarine 2015 Call for Proposals
Decision Body: EuroMarine Steering Committee
Total Budget: €7,500
Funds Granted: €7,500

Manager(s): Loriano Ballarin
Co-organiser(s): Uri Frank, Anne-Marie Genevière, Valeria Matranga, Andreja Ramšak, Buki Rinkevich

This working group will meet to advance the marine stem cell research community in Europe, addressing the inadequate attention in regards to funding and the fragmentation of the marine stem cell research community. An organising committee will be set up to conduct a workshop to bring together those interested in marine invertebrate stem cell biology together to promote research in this emerging field. This will gather the EC research community on marine and aquatic stem cells from marine invertebrates and promote research on stem cell biology, including the employment of innovative ideas and technology.

The initial outcome will be the first census on EU laboratories actively working on marine stem cells. Work will be undertaken to describe the different methodologies used for marine invertebrate stem cell characterisation which will assist with the intended publication of an updated review on marine stems cells in a qualified scientific journal. A forum for marine stem cells will be created to share information, and preparation will begin for a COST Action proposal within EU Horizon 2020.

Bringing together partners and scientists is essential to overcome the scientific fragmentation within this area. It is expected that, following the workshop, a pan-European consortium on marine and aquatic stem cell biologists will be assembled with synergies to the H2020 project PANDORA and with the EU network ELIXIR.

The EC research community on marine and aquatic stem cells from marine invertebrates gathered to promote joint research on stem cell biology. The workshop was attended by representatives from 20 institutions including 17 participants from EuroMarine member institutions. 

This workshop promoted the research in this emerging and fascinating field through the sharing of ideas, discussion of common aims, and by initiating the preparation of an EU-COST proposal on marine and aquatic stem cells.

The organising committee are convinced that the wide network of international collaborations established by members and the participants of the workshop will help to promote, at a world-wide level, the research on marine/aquatic stem cells from marine invertebrates. It was stressed that it would be better to extend the number of involved institutions and to look for the possibility to include some industry or enterprise entities.

On the basis of the recommendations and conclusions made by the participants, the Organising Committee will contact institutions and SMEs and will prepare a draft COST application that will be shared with all the participants.



  • (Oct 2017): A COST Action has been approved entitled “STEM CELLS OF MARINE/AQUATIC INVERTEBRATES: FROM BASIC RESEARCH TO INNOVATIVE APPLICATIONS (MARISTEM (Marine invertebrate stem cells)).

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October 26, 2017 - News - Update or Reminder - COST Action Approved