Training the 21st Century Marine Scientist & TechnologistInternal


Activity Overview

Type: Workshop
Start Date: February 23, 2015
End Date: February 23, 2015
Venue: SZN, Naples (Italy)
Contact: Jeanine Olsen
E-mail: j.l.olsen [at]
Funding Call: EuroMarine 2014 Call for Proposals
Decision Body: EuroMarine Steering Committee
Total Budget: €8,000
Funds Granted: €8,000

Manager(s): Jeanine Olsen
Co-organiser(s): Patrizio Mariani
Application/registration deadline: January 5, 2015
Registration website:

This event covers the topic of marine science as a provider of new concepts for innovation and technology. The workshop intends to progress the development of a strategy for educating the next generation of marine researchers by inviting feedback from stakeholder groups including young professionals involved in marine science and engineering. The opinion from this group of stakeholders will be of major importance for the European Marine Board (EMB) Future Science Brief as well as for shaping future new initiatives within EuroMarine. Critical information from the stakeholder group will be obtained while opportunities will arise for this group of young professionals to attend the EuroMarine General Assembly and network. 

The meeting will be held in Naples on 23 Feb. 2015, back-to-back with EuroMarine 2015 General Assembly.

Specific objectives:

  • Identify structural problems in different sectors with respect to needed competencies
  • Identify cross-disciplinary training needs
  • Discuss "ideal" curricular models of PhD-level education
  • Propose solutions/instruments to train the new generation of marine scientists.

Please refer to the attached announcement and call for participation for details.

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17 participants took part in a Workshop to identify cross-disciplinary training needs, discuss ideal curricular models of PhD level education and propose solutions or instruments to train the new generation of marine scientists. This in particular looked at the role of EuroMarine to potentially foster the development of multiple educational partnerships/consortia, combining different skills to proactively coordinate and prepare an ambitious Horizon 2020 proposal that can deliver both virtual and hands-on education.

The working group considered a scheme specifically designed to foster advanced transdisciplinary competencies. Short term conventional approaches and medium term bold approaches to meet the goal of training the 21st Century Marine Scientists and Technologists were identified. EuroMarine must take advantage of the growing political and funding landscapes that will support marine graduate education and move it forward.


Outputs of the workshop played a signficant role in influencing the contents of a European Marine Board report on the current status of education systems, and research and training funding mechanisms within the marine graduate and training education system. 

Update Feed

October 23, 2017 - News - Update or Reminder - European Marine Board Commissioned Brief