Your Ocean, Your Future: Building on Prof. Mário Ruivo’s LegacyExternal

Activity Overview

Type: Conference session
Start Date: June 6, 2018
End Date: June 6, 2018
Venue: Centre for Fine Arts, Rue Ravenstein23, Brussels, Belgium
Website: Your Ocean, Your Future webpage

Prof. Mário Ruivo made many key contributions to marine science and policy in Europe. EurOcean have created this commemorative event as a way of both remembering his legacy, and to pass on his way of thinking to future generations of marine scientists. During this special event, Professor Ruivo´s contribution to the worlds knowledge of the ocean and approaches to improving its management will be celebrated. Mário was instrumental in ensuring that Lisbon host Expo 1998 – the central theme of which was “The Oceans: A Heritage for the Future”. Now 20 years later, the event offers an occasion to reflect on this heritage, how successful the marine science community have been in understanding it and managing it better, and it is also an opportunity to highlight and address the challenges and issues the ocean is now facing. The event aims to promote themes dear to Professor Ruivo, and in line with the principles of the Blue Society, to raising awareness, understanding and promoting actions for the ocean among the wider public.

The event will comprise of a morning session remembering Mário the person, followed by contributions from representatives of policy, society, research and industry, reflecting on the legacy of Prof. Ruivo, but more importantly looking forward to how we can manage, both politically and socially, the challenges opportunities and priorities for the Ocean. The afternoon will see the launch of the “I Live by the Sea” photographic and video exhibition and will allow attendees, including young people, learn more about the ocean through a number of interactive activities.