GLOSS - Global Ocean Social Sciences dialogues and workshops

The Ocean University Initiative has organised a dialogue and workshops session in support of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO and the UN's Decade of Ocean Sciences for Sustainable Development. The aims of this event are to gather researchers in the human and social sciences to identify central issues and conditions for the involvement of the social sciences in the UN initiative.

Multidisciplinary workshop on biodiversity and health

The Royal Academy for Overseas Sciences (Belgium) will host a one-day workshop on the theme “Biodiversity and health” on 6th December 2019.

The workshop aims at fostering interdisciplinary exchanges between scientists from all disciplines with an interest in the topic, including: biologists, health professionals (epidemiologists, physicians, veterinarians, and pharmacists), agronomists, (agro)foresters, geographers, social scientists, and environmental scientists. 

Stress and immune responses in relation to adaptation in Antarctic Fish

CCMAR (Portugal) is hosting a workshop on Stress and immune responses in relation to adaptation in Antarctic Fish. The workshop is limited to 30 participants, who must contribute either either with an oral presentation (15 min) or a scientific poster related to the topic of the workshop. Applicants can submit their abstract and register via the registration link posted above.

4th GOA-ON International Workshop

The 4th Global Ocean Acidification Observing Network (GOA-ON) International Workshop will bring together scientists from around the world to discuss emerging aspects from the coupled effects of ocean acidification with multi-stressors, review global ocean acidification status and forecast capabilities, and explore opportunities for capacity development.

Marine Research and Knowledge in support of Policy Making and Society

The deep-sea is still a largely unknown area. Detailed studies of the deep-sea including the seabed are estimated to have been carried out for less than 10% of the world's ocean. Nevertheless we already know that it is a harbinger of a rich biodiversity including deep-sea corals and complex pelagic communities of jellyfish, cephalopods (e.g. squid) and fish species.

6th Argo Science Workshop

Following the deployment of the first Argo floats in late 1999, the global Argo array of over 3000 instruments, including its data management system, was in place by 2007. Since that time global coverage has been sustained at about 3800 floats for over a decade, leading to a wealth of new discoveries documenting the evolving state and variability of the ocean/climate system, underpinning improved ocean forecasting, and supporting all branches of marine science.

EMBRC Marine Biobanks Workshop

Le Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique is partner of the EBB project (EMBRC Biobank) led by the European Marine Biological Resources Center (EMBRC) that aims to facilitate access to marine genetic resources and implementation of ABS mechanisms, Nagoya protocol. In this context, Le Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique invites interested individuals to the workshop "Practical steps for facilitating the use of marine biological resources for commercial R&D in the context of new Access & Benefit Sharing legal framework". The entire workshop will be in English.

EuroGEOSS Workshop 2018

The EuroGEOSS Workshop will take place on 12-14 September 2018 at the University of Geneva and the Museum of Ethnography. It is co-organised by the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment and  the European Commission.

The workshop brings together European players interested in and actively contributing to the Global Earth Observations System of Systems (GEOSS).

The aim is to look for synergies among the participants and to discuss how Europe can contribute to this international effort.

More details will follow.