ABC2 – Amelioration by Benthic habitat-formers under Climate ChangeExternal

Call Overview

Call Category: Expertise

Contact: Fabio Bulleri
Email: fabio.bulleri [at]

ABC2 aims to establish a network with a goal of filling gaps in our collective knowledge on the extent to which habitat-formers reduce environmental stress and of the general mechanisms regulating the assembly and maintenance of associated benthic assemblages across latitudinal gradients.

This project is among the outcomes of the EuroMarine Foresight Workshop (FWS) “The role of positive species interactions in sustaining and restoring the biodiversity of temperate coasts under future climate scenarios – POSTCLIMA”, hosted by the University of Pisa on the 3th-5th July 2017. 

The main objectives of ABC2 are pursued through a hierarchal structure, organized in 2 main modules:

  • Physical Variables: Compare key physical variables (temperature, light, water-flow) between areas with and without canopy-forming macroalgae.
  • Biodiversity: Assess how the effects of canopy-forming macroalgae on the diversity of associated benthic assemblages vary according to the way they modify the mean intensity and small-scale variability of environmental conditions.