Blue Climate Initiative (BCI) Ocean Innovation PrizeExternal

Call Overview

Call Category: Proposals, Expertise

Email: jeanne [at]
Opening: August 1, 2021
Closing: September 15, 2021

The Blue Climate Initiative (BCI) is welcoming applications from innovators and entrepreneurs for the global US$1 Million Ocean Innovation Prize. The Prize is designed to inspire, fund and support innovations that mitigate climate change through ocean-related strategies. The deadline for applications is September 15, 2021.

The Ocean Innovation Prize (OIP) will be awarded for market-based innovation that addresses climate change mitigation through human-centered, ocean-related solutions, inspired by the Blue Climate Initiative’s 40+ Transformational Opportunities. The proposals must incorporate an innovative technology, practice, model, approach or idea that is capable of being scaled to have an impact on climate change. Applicants can represent a for-profit, non-profit, an individual or a group of collaborators. Commercial viability and scale potential can be demonstrated through products/services for consumers, for businesses, for governments or for other entities.

For more information on the prize and criteria for entry, please follow the link below.