CAll for contributions to online satellite activities of the Ocean Decade LaboratoryExternal

Call Overview

Call Category: Expertise, Collaboration

As part of the UN Ocean Decade, seven laboratories will be held which each cover one of the Ocean Decade Outcomes. The laboratories will take place from July 2021 – May 2022.

Each laboratory will be formed of a core event, a closing session, and satellite activities.

Examples of Satellite Activities could include “pitch sessions” for new Ocean Decade programs or projects that are looking for partners, announcements of Decade Actions or commitments, Decade Action design workshops, networking forums, interactive Decade Action “incubation” or “match making” sessions, skills training via short “Master Classes”, virtual exhibitions or launch of videos or art initiatives, competitions or hackathons. The Satellite Activities will be selected by an  evaluation panel comprised of diverse Ocean Decade stakeholders.

Deadlines for submitting proposals for satellite activities are shown below:

Laboratory An Inspiring and Engaging Ocean: 14 MAY 2021

Laboratory A Predicted Ocean: 18 JUNE 2021

Laboratory A Clean Ocean: 2 AUGUST 2021

To submit a proposal, please follow the link below.