Call for nomination of experts for the IPBES nexus and transformative change assessments Internal

Call Overview

Call Category: Expertise
Managing Body: International, IPBES
Email: coordination [at]
Opening: July 19, 2021
Closing: September 6, 2021

Interested experts are invited to submit applications by 6 September2021; nominators (Governments or organizations) are invited to submit their nominations by 13 September 2021. More detailed information on the process of application and nomination can be found in notification EM/2021/17.

The Plenary of the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) has announced a call for nominations of experts to participate in the thematic assessment of the interlinkages among biodiversity, water, food and health (nexus assessment) and the thematic assessment of the underlying causes of biodiversity loss and the determinants of transformative change and options for achieving the 2050 Vision for Biodiversity (transformative change assessment). The IPBES Multidisciplinary Expert Panel invites Governments and other relevant stakeholders to nominate experts to participate in the nexus and transformative change assessments.

As a contributing organisation, EuroMarine can nominate interested experts to the panel. IPBES is seeking experts with a strong multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary expertise, expertise in one or more disciplines of natural science, social science or the humanities, be indigenous and local knowledge experts or have expertise in indigenous and local knowledge systems.

All nominated experts (Nominees) will need to be available for the full duration of the panel, and are expected to participate in the possible physical workshops later in 2021.

Please follow this procedure for nomination:


  • Nominees are invited to complete the application form and attach their curriculum vitae through the dedicated web portal at the links below (to access this page you will need to log in with your IPBES website log in credentials. Nominees not yet registered on the IPBES website will need to do so at ). Applications must be submitted in English.
  • To specify EuroMarine as your nominating body, please include the following details
    • Type of nominating body: Organisation (Stakeholder)
    • Name of organisation: Euromarine - Consortium of Marine Research Organizations ( )
    • Position of contact person: Chair
    • Full name (nominator): Patrizio Mariani
    • Email (nominator): coordinationateuromarinenetwork [dot] eu 
    • Phone number (nominator): +34 635 34 84 47
  • The application form will automatically send an email link to the Nominator (EuroMarine), inviting the Nominator to approve and submit the nominations in the web portal;
  • Nominators and Nominees will receive a confirmation via email once the nomination has been duly submitted.


The last day for individual applications is 6 September 2021. Nominations must be approved and submitted by EuroMarine before 13 September 2021. Early nominations ahead of the deadline are encouraged.


The full text of the call is available below.