Call for Proposals: Grants for a Brilliant Marine Research Idea 2022

Deadline 28 January 2022.

Call Overview

Call Category: Proposals

Email: filantropie [at]
Opening: January 10, 2022
Closing: January 28, 2022

Grants for a Brilliant Marine Research Idea 2022
Offered by VLIZ Philanthropy. Sponsored by Otary, DEME and Antea Group.

Deadline for entering 28 January 2022.

Brilliant Marine Research Idea grants are intended to inspire and enable PhD students or junior postdoctoral researchers to explore and pan out a brilliant idea, an out of the box idea, an additional research topic that was initially not foreseen, but that would add an extra value to the ongoing research. A BMRI grant has a maximum fund of 5.000 EUR.

Open to PhD students & junior postdoctoral researchers affiliated to a Flemish university or university college and  PhD students working in the South* with a strong demonstrable link with a Flemish Marine Research Group or a Flemish university.

For 2022, VLIZ philanthropy offers a total of 5 grants:

  • 3 BMRI grants for PhD-students in Flanders
  • 1 BMRI grant for a junior postdoctoral researcher in Flanders
  • 1 BMRI grant for a PhD-student in the South

 Each grant will have a maximum fund of 5.000 EUR.The proposed idea should be executed within one year. Successful applicants can start their activities from 1 March 2022 and complete by 28 February 2023. The deadline for entering the competition is 28 January 2022.

Calls for proposals

More information on the selection procedure and the criteria for taking part can be found in the calls for proposals:

For more information please see below.